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Landlord, Home and Contents Insurance

Now is the time to consider your home and contents insurance

Your home and contents are usually the biggest asset that most people ever own.  Most people would never be able to replace them if the unexpected were to happen, unless they were protected by insurance.


The unexpected does happen.  In 2013/2014;


-                      Around 1 in 30 homes suffered a fire claim

-                      Around 1 in 50 homes suffered a weather claim

-                      Around 1 in 13 homes suffered a claim


The financial consequences may be more severe when you have a mortgage.  Would you want to be servicing the mortgage for a home that cannot be re-built because it has not been fully insured? 


Insurance can protect you and your family so that you can replace your home to a condition similar to a new home, rather than being forced into selling what remains of your home after it has suffered damage.


It's also important for people to have insurance in place to fully protect their contents too. 



Allianz Insurance - a quality, convenient and affordable solution


      Pay by the month option available at no extra cost


 Talk to an Allianz expert.  Ask about their no claim bonus as well.  Now is the time to consider your cover further and with Allianz you have the option to cancel obligation-free


Consider Allianz Insurance for all your insurance needs and rest assured that your assets are protected.

Allianz Insurance is a specialist risk insurance business committed to providing people with access to quality insurance products in the most convenient way possible.


Talk to your mortgage consultant about Allianz Insurance !

Your mortgage consultant will be able to provide you with information about the product together with a Product Disclosure Statement at the time you apply for your loan. The Product Disclosure Statement contains the detailed information on Allianz Insurance and this should always be considered in deciding whether you wish to apply for the product.  Mortgage Consultants offering Allianz Insurance are doing so as the Authorised Representatives of Allianz Insurance Australia.

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